Advanced Decorating I

Mastering buttercream, working with rice paper and details with fondant.

What You'll Learn

Things are getting exciting! We will master your technique in covering and smoothing your cake with buttercream and introducing you to piping, and briefly working with fondant so you can make your cake shine!

Note: You will need to have a cake baked and covered in buttercream ready for this class.


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Advanced Decorating II

Covering with fondant and putting everything you’ve learned together, getting you ready to start selling your own cakes.

What You'll Learn

We will master all your techniques in this class, covering your cake in fondant (not an easy task) and working on adding realism to your characters, learning what to expect from clients, and notes on exceeding expectations.

You will need to have a cake baked with a buttercream base ready for this class.


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Over 10 years of experience in creating custom cakes and desserts. Now teaching you to do the same.

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